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For our existing and new customers, we are always looking for new objects •	one room appartements •	two room appartements •	three room appartements •	four room appartements •	single familiy house •	commercial house •	storage rooms •	garages  in all places and locations! 6 reasons to trust us: 1.	 success in the brokerage of property since 1993. 2.	 Our Employees have a professional education. 3.	 We are committed to our clients, no to any institution (Bank f.e.). 4.	 We advise fair and market-driven. 5.	 We are looking for exactly what you want to sell. 6.	 Customer-friendly opening times:   	Monday - Friday	10 am - 6 pm 	Saturday	9 am - 12 am Mrs. Christine Runge Diplom Immobilienwirtin (EIA) Geprüfte Wertermittlerin für Immobilien (EIA) Mr. Uwe Lachmann Kaufmann in der Grundstücks- und Wohnungswirtschaft Mr. Steffen Richter Immobilienkaufmann (IHK)
Filiale (Immobilienvermittlung) Telefon +49 3583 / 79666 0 Neustadt 34 Fax +49 3583 / 79666 21 02763 Zittau E-Mail
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