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We warmly welcome you to our website. Familiarize yourself with our company and look at our offers. If interested please contact us... ... by E-Mail, Phone, Fax oder Post.
We are known by this logo. We are Member in the Immobilienverband Deutschland (IVD), Region Mitte-Ost e.V. Herr Dr. Thomas is Member in the Bundesverband Freier Sachverstšndiger e.V. (BVFS).
Mr. Steffen Richter Mrs. Christine Runge Mr. Uwe Lachmann
Mr. Dr. Gert Thomas Mrs. Sandra Richter
Mr. Torsten Scholze Mrs. Ines Neumann
Mrs. Jana Dornbusch Mrs. Laura Wagner
Mrs. Ines Lachmann Mr. Wilhelm Baldauf-Runge
Tax consultant Birgit Hamann-Wachtel Karl-Liebknecht-Ring 10 02763 Zittau E-Mail: Internet:
Möbel, Trödel und Antikes Renee Runge Bertsdorfer Straße 2 02785 Olbersdorf E-Mail: Internet:
Managing directors Mr. Dr. Gert Thomas Mr. Torsten Scholze Mrs. Christine Runge Your contact partners in our company Real estate Contract design, investment advise financing, insurance Property Management Janitors 	Mr. Peter Hoffmann	Mr. Mario Steg	Mr. Frank Nichterwitz 		Mr. Matthias Walter  as well as additional time employees at various locations. Accounting Datacollection and -maintenance You will never get to the wrong person. Out team works closely, and subject specific questions will be forwarded to the right employee. A few more informations In cooperation with: Send us an E-Mail up Frontpage The Company Buy Properties Rent Properties Service Insurance Finances Holiday home The Company